February 10, 2010

When Henry was three he did this on butcher paper with markers.  Its a dream he had.  He is the tiny yellow head at the very bottom of the page.  On the right is a "red bird."  And on the left is a "copper headed rattlesnake."   In the middle is a monster.  It knocks me out, this piece of art.
Its always fun getting a window into their minds.  He nailed his eyes.  That child has always had the biggest brownest most beautiful eyes.  Why does the animus of the snake float above it?  And why is the snake so happy?

Equally interesting to me, is watching their artwork evolve.   When Riley was two she drew roses everywhere on everything.  I kept this one hanging over our bed for years.  I love the way she accidentally got so much depth in the picture.   And I love how so very ROSE the roses are.  She got it. 
And she did this one last month, just kind of doodling.   It startled me, that I could have drawn this.  Not to say its so sophisticated, technical, or any such thing.  Its experimental.  She isn't trying to represent.  And that is some next level creative thinking, I think.


Ami said...

I love seeing a kid's artwork. Especially seeing older stuff and then newer. I think it's fascinating to watch it evolve.

You can take a photo of the art work and fit it all into one frame.

I don't have a scanner, so all the art I post on my blog comes from my camera.

Katherine said...

"You can take a photo of the art work and fit it all into one frame."
OMG, Ami, duh! I can't believe I didn't think of that. You are so smart. Thank you!!!!

val said...

It's amazing. I love that you showed these pictures, and that you also hang kid artwork on the walls of your room.

James was 4 the fall of 9/11. In his art for at least a year were towers with millions of tiny windows, airplanes and firemen, smoke and scurrying. He never talked much about 9/11, hardly said a word about it. But his art said a lot. I should have censored the news, but he'd seen too much before I realized he was taking it in the way he was.

love you,V

Katherine said...

Val, that brings tears to my eyes, thinking of him working it out for himself. It was after 9/11 that I started putting sprinkles on the kid's heads at every meal. They were such babies they were oblivious. And I was so sad. And that is how I coped. love and hugs, K