February 12, 2010

Y'all pardon me, I'm using Our Report Card to remind me of teachings on compassion, groundlessness, and the nature of reality.  I keep rewatching the videos here.  We don't go to church.  (Yes, Grandmother, I know I am a heathen.)  But that does not mean that I'm not counting on God or True Nature, (how ever one might think to conceive divinity.)  Also, I am keenly aware of Pema Chodron aging.  Her voice and point of view are such a Godsend for western women.   Anyhoo....videos are easy enough for the rest of y'all to ignore.  So just move it along.  Nothing to see here.  Off you go now.  Meditation in progress.....  (I mistyped: Meditation is progress.  Which is, of course, more to the point.)


Anonymous said...

I love that you are sharing these videos. As I've mentioned, I love Pema Chodron. Being a mum to a small child...my spiritual practice (which used to be my life) is now wrapped up in mothering an amazing little boy. And well, it's all the same thing really but sometimes I really need to seperate out my practice from my parenting...to gain perspective. Woo...that was a lot. Anyway...thanks for sharing. I'll always receieve these videos with open arms and an open heart.

Celia said...

thanks for steering me to new awareness and resources.