February 9, 2010

One downer about our house is that its 100% dependent on the grid.  I converted the electric stove to a gas tank.  So if we get iced in we still have a way to cook.  But we have no capacity for fire.  (Dear wood stove, how I miss thee.)  We live surrounded by shade.  And if we lose power we lose water.  Bummer.  I am still planning to make the clay oven.

Coming home from the barn this morning I realized that while our house is on the grid, more and more, our food is off what might well be called the corporate food the grid.  Our dairy, eggs, garden produce, some fruit, and herbs all come from home.  I buy local meat.  And this time last year I did not know anyone drinking their own milk.  I now have four friends, close by, all farming their own dairy.  That's four families headed off the food grid.  One of the Fairy Mothers bought a milk cow today.  They pick her up on Thursday.  When she realized her lactose intolerant daughter could drink my milk just fine, it became obvious what needed to happen.  This makes me glow with happiness.  And, as of today, we are getting four eggs a day again.  Spring is around the corner.

Recent strewing success:
Vocabulary Cartoons by SAT Word Power   Henry keeps picking this up off the coffee table to read for fun.  Because it is fun.
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill  An excellent family movie, highlighting several biological science themes.  Its also beautifully done and touching.   Just so you know, not every parrot lives.

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MOM #1 said...

Hurray for you! In the life I live in my head, I am totally and completely off ALL grids of any kind . . . working slowly towards it in reality.

We LOVE the Vocabulary Cartoons around here too. They ARE fun!