March 24, 2009

Ry just came to me and said, "What if I really don't know how to read?" So I said, "Go get your book and your glasses and come sit next to me." She said, "Yuck, no." I said, "This is homeschooling. Go get your book and your glasses." She arrived two minutes later with her book and glasses.

Then she put on her glasses. Then she read the first long paragraph of the first story. She read fluently, nervously, and completely. I helped her with two words. And I listened with an indescribable feeling rising in my chest.

I said, "Now I will tell you something, Darling. Last week I began searching for a tutor to help you learn how to read. But now I am canceling that search. You do not need a tutor because you are a reader. You have tutored yourself. You have done the work and now you know how. It will only get easier and easier from here on out. Congratulations, my love."

And she picked up her glasses and carefully wiped them off and put them in their case. And she picked up her book. And she walked upstairs with a look on her face that suggested an indescribable feeling rising in her chest.

And she did it for herself. And now she knows how. And it did not happen in a school room. And it did not happen with a teacher who we will kiss goodbye forever, in a few months. It happened in her own time, on her own terms, and she owns this success completely.


Anonymous said...

That feeling is empowerment.

Hooray for unschooling!!! And hooray for Riley and her mom!

carver family said...

What a win.
What a win-win.
In fact, what a win-win-win-win-win (etc)...because I get to be included in there too, with Joe and Henry and Rufus and Sutton and Tim and Haven and everyone in the whole wide world.

Riley reads!
Riley reads to Riley...because Riley wants to, Riley chose to, and Riley decided.

Riley Riley Riley, rally around Riley!

. . .

Through all her moods and demands, the Prince simply and quietly repeated to her Royal Highness, "As you wish." He would bow, and do her bidding. And as she grew, and as she bloomed, she found...she Loved him.

Amanda Enclade said...

yeah! that must feel great! I too have a hope that my kids learn to read sooner than of the harder things for me to trust. yeah for Riley! and yeah! that she did it on her OWN!

Krista said...

"And she owns this success completely." If there were not one single other reason for homeschooling, to me this is enough.

Mary said...

Hi Katherine,

We met at the house Joe and Ben were living in almost, god, 20 years ago. Joe recently found me on LinkedIn. I have enjoyed reading about your homeschooling.

Have you seen any of the TED Talks? This excellent one is on how schools kill creativity:

Katherine said...

Hey Mary, I remember you and Christine Onyango. Its weird, how long ago that was.

Thanks for the kind words. I have seen Sir Ken. In fact, I've posted that clip here. And Joe has accused me of having a crush him. Which might be because I did have a crush on him for about a day. I love what he says.

Good luck in your library. :o) K