March 25, 2009

Chicks on the new flip! Stay tuned for Baby Goats.


carver family said...

Can we come over??


And yes that IS in caps ;>

I am in Charlotte but will be home by 2am, and when I wake on Thursday will be free to roll anywhere with the kiddos....I think.

Gimme a buzz if it would work for you all.

nice steady shooting...and way to be oh so technical. I'm right behind ya. Thanks for setting the pace.

carver family said...

PS: check out my cool little sister's blog sometime:


Katherine said...

Is that your sister with THE CHAIN SAW? That is sooooo bad ass! I'm impressed. Also, tell me that is a Dexter cow on her header...

I'm email about plans.

Joe Williams said...

Hey! You got the video uploaded - right on! Chick Number 5 is my favorite.

Annie said...

Cool!! Lily especially loved that video!

rae said...

That video camera kicks!

I loved seeing your kids interact and just hang out.

Oh, and does that thing, the Flip thing, Skype? Because seriously, that would kick!

Cecelia (CC) said...

Yeah, that's Clare. she rocks.

I think it is a Dexter. Go back to December blog and you can see the cows closer (and the visit from my four brothers to her place; I love those men.) As for Clare, she is in a class by herself - a self-made farmer on 90 acres in Oregon, all from selling her paintings. They have a biodynamic farm and her husband is a vinter. Their website is


Anonymous said...

OH my word! (Does anyone really say that anymore?) When I saw this post earlier I saw it on bloglines and the videos didn't today I come over and realize that there are videos here! I love that H. does not really want to be on camera, that R is fearless with those chicks. Man, is it me or have they grown? The kids i mean? I have them stuck as smaller from some photographs....very cool Video!!