August 3, 2008

Begin layering your cob around your form. Be firm and sure. Sculpt. Take care not to deform your form. (Which would be bad form -ha!) Cut out your door, almost as wide as the inner oven and 3/4 as tall. I'm thinking this door is wonky. But we'll see how it fires. Apparently, doors are trickier on smaller ovens. Leave your oven to dry. Later, we'll remove the sand and figure out some kind of wooden door. After the oven is fully dry, it is ready to fire. Hum, what pan might fit in here? Anyone have an old Easy Bake pie pan I can borrow? Or, ummm, tiny mini pizzas right on the stone!

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MOM #1 said...

Wow that's awesome. If you really are able to cook something in it, you just have to post so I can know what it is, how well it worked, and how it tastes.

I'm green with envy over here.