July 31, 2008

Issa Nyaphaga at Shakori Hills festival a couple of years ago. (He's the one in the red hat, crouched next to the wall, working with Ry. But you have to blow up the picture to see his hat.) The kids and I were there helping him mud that wall. I never forgot him. He is charismatic as anything. And tonight I found out who he is. But youtube doesn't seem to be allowing me to upload videos, for some frustrating reason. You can search it. I was so taken with him that day, I tried to get him to sit with the kids and me for lunch. He was too busy. But apparently, he teaches art classes at Clapping Hands Farm. So just maybe, the kids can take a class with him someday. : )

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Mommylion said...

Oh my, this post kept me up past my bedtime checking out the youtube videos and then his website. Did you see that he had a picture of the completed structure shown in your pic on his website? This link

Then click on the hand at top that says capillarism. Bottom right picture.

Pretty amazing artist! Thanks for sharing.