August 3, 2008

"Mommy, this is the coolest thing I have ever made."

First, make a sand form on a suitable cooking surface. In this case, since we are only building a small test oven, we chose a nice flat rock. Fire brick would be better for a permanent oven.

Cover your sand form with a layer of wet newspaper. Begin mixing clay and sand.

Keep mixing. Mix more than you think you need. The mixture is now called "cob."
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Heather said...

In my perfect and wonderful dream world, I will have a whole house made from cob. Gorgeous, literally sculpted exactly as your imagination creates. It's art that you live in. Mine would be full of pressings from nature - shell prints around the windows, that sort of thing.

I'm excited to see you trying this on a larger scale. Art you can cook in. Making something useful with your own hands is more than satisfying. It's something you can admire and be proud of every time you use it. "I made this, and it's fabulous!" I can't wait for updates!

Annie said...

I can't wait for more on this. The new door, how it works, the bigger version and all!

It's one of the only sensible ways to bake outside in the summer!