July 10, 2008

Slap Dab! Lori, the brilliant talented excellent Photography Goddess of the South, turned me on to shooting film with a Holga camera. And what I love love love so much about this quirky weird little toy is how very slap dab the whole thing is. You can't really control it so much. You participate in the picture, for sure. You aim the thing. You choose, to a certain extent, the subject. But you also leave plenty of room, via the odd nature of the camera, for the universe to participate as well. Like a dance, kinda. It's all very Ish. It's all kinda. It's slab dab fun. So images that wouldn't normally be good - let's sidestep defining that word here - have a unique quality that can be fresh or haunting or retro or, because of the Holy Intervention Of The Creative Goddess Of The Universe through the Holga, they may reveal a new perspective on the subject. And how cool is that? If you click on these pictures you can see them big. And seeing them big is way better. Even if they aren't great, they hint at possibility and leave me wanting to spend the day shooting.

Henry is here next to me reading The Lord of the Rings. He just interrupted this blog post to say, "Somehow I get the idea that if they made a children's version of Lord of the Rings, it would be as bad as cheese coffee."

Also the google quote for the day by EB White: "Be obscure clearly." Quite.
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lori said...

"Be Obscure Clearly"...thats going on my darkroom wall.

you are rockin that holga girl! photography should almost successfully resist intelligence. perfect with the holga don't ya think?

Amy said...

The Holga is such a fun camera! I've seen so many interesting pictures out of them posted online. I got one awhile ago, but I can't get the film developed anywhere around here, so I never used it. No one in my town hardly does film anymore, let alone the old kind the Holga takes. Sad for me. :-(

Mommylion said...

That is my favorite EB White quote!

I am still laughing at the cheese coffee comment. How awesome was that observation and choice of words?

I love your photos! Haunting and beautiful like there is a whole story there and you want to see what is around the corner.

MOM #1 said...

I don't know a darn thing about cameras or EB White, BUT I do know those are great pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Annie said...

Ha! Love it. Be Obscure Clearly.

rae said...

Great photos. Great quote. Great post. As usual. :-)

You could seriously write a great book and add your own photos. You are a gifted woman.

Katherine said...

Thanks y'all! : )

regularmom said...

Wow! just.... WOW!!!!! :)

Terrific photos!