July 9, 2008

Remember that lace I was knitting awhile back? It got broken. I don't know how. But after several attempts at re knitting, re breaking, and increasing frustration I took the whole thing down to our local Knitting Goddess for advice. She listened patiently. Then said the thing you never really want to hear. "Rip it out." Goddesses are ruthless, yes. Apparently you must knit lace with a life line. There are life lines in knitting?

Friends are life lines. Blogging is a life line for many homeschoolers. Art in general is a huge life line, it keeps some folks I know able to breath. But when all three conflagrate, the light thrown is more magical than a simple tow rope. A tiny star flairs in gratitude and warms as it expands. And I think that kind of energy is just what we all need right now in this country. More powerful than a life line, magic to be sure: connection, communication, shared lives. Throw out your ropes children, and see what happens.
Thanks for the mer-line Mommylion!


Mommylion said...

Aw, your post brought tears to my eyes. Both with the ripping out of your beautiful lace (how sad!), and the communication through art part. :)

MOM #1 said...

I love all things artistic, imperfect and handmade, yet I have no talent. None at all. I can't even make small talk very well. It really is so sad.

Perhaps my talent is just enjoying the art of others and letting them borrow a little of my breath. Maybe.

I just finished the book you recommended, Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady. It was a true blue riot. I don't know how I ever missed it.