July 12, 2008

Quick, cast a spell. Really. Just toss one off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Which did you choose?

I've been sitting around making wands lately. I have to try them all out because I would never, of course, give one away that didn't work. Always I say "Alohamora." It seems silly to admit that. Why would I always pick the same spell? It wasn't a conscious choice though. And any good therapist might say, "Interesting, that you use the same spell over and over. Is it working?"

My husband tried out one of the wands. He said, "Lumous." Henry looks up from his book and incants, "Accio." (What nine year old boy doesn't wish to hasten the world unto himself?) Our Ry, her spells are written by faeries and don't translate well to English.

Maybe a Princess has been set a task to unlock an ancient treasure chest? Maybe true love depends on it. And maybe it resides in a very dark place. Perhaps darkness is the lock... We only know for sure, the wrong spell won't be of any use.


Heather said...

How cool! My kids have been wandering around for a week with old wooden chopsticks saying "alohamora" and lots of others from Harry Potter. A couple of days ago, my son started making a list of spells. "What's the latin word for lightning? How about water?" Luckily, I know a few already (cat, dog, etc.) but the rest I've had to look up. Time to study Latin?

Do you paint them? Decorate with ribbons glitter and all other sorts of sparkly glory?

Katherine said...

Mommylion turned me onto this site: http://www.dadcando.com/default_SPECIAL.asp?section=Making&project=Making_Homepage

which has directions. Warning, they are addictive to make.

Katherine said...

Also, isn't there an actual text book, "the latin of harry potter" or some such? I think I heard that. Maybe on the DJ?

Mommylion said...

Avada Kadavra for my kids, unfortunately. I blame the Potter Puppet Pals.

The latin of Harry Potter sounds fun. I'll have to look that up.