July 28, 2008

I was at a dinner party this weekend with a friend from highschool, a happening well educated woman. Granted, this woman has no children and likely never will. Nor does she much care. But she got me talking a bit about unschooling. She listened. She looked over at my son. And she asked, "do they watch much tv?" I gave her my blah blah blah answer. And I saw her look puzzled. She looked back at my son. She muttered half to herself, "but how...?" Then she said, "but they have such hip haircuts?"

Do you know? She was sitting there really struggling. She was really working to figure it out. How is it possible for children who don't go to school to know what's going on in the world? How can they possibly be current? How do they fit in? She really had to work it out for herself mentally. And watching her was good for me. It filled me with compassion and it reminded me that what we are doing here, this homeschool thing which is so normal for us, is just very radical. Still. Homeschool (never mind unschool) is radical. It worries people because they don't understand. They really have a hard time. And that's ok. I felt very soft about it all. I just let her think on it and I sipped my wine.

Henry is sporting a mohawk these days. It is slammin' handsome. If I were a better photographer, I could get a decent picture of him.


MOM #1 said...

Isn't that the truth!

What a great reminder for all of us to love whole-heartedly and never judge, because you really just never know where someone is coming from.

I hope you had a great time at your dinner party.

oh, and she's right - that is one SLAMMIN' haircut! ;-)

Anonymous said...


The only comment we ever get on our boys' haircuts (or, rather, lack thereof) is "What a pretty little girl." Fortunately, they (especially Rhys) just kind of take it in stride, nod and smile.

Yay for wine-sipping unschoolers! We should get together and have a party.

Your little guy's haircut is freakin adorable, BTW.

Mommylion said...

I dig your boy's hair. In a few years you'll be chasing the little girls away by the dozen. :)

My mom and sister took my kids to a company picnic last week (She and my sis work for community mental health). They both called afterwards to happily gush at how "socially appropriate" my kids acted at the picnic. "They even played with the other kids!" Wow.

It was hard to bite my tongue but luckily I chilled out. In context they have jobs that makes them scan everyone for abnormal behavior. Better them than me. I dig oddness.