April 13, 2008

I would like to respectfully recommend Marybeth Dennett at Triangle Realty the next time anyone wants to sell a house in this area. I called her, after a long night of agony at my own audaciousness, and asked if she would list the house for a 5% commission. And she said yes. In fact, she was warm and gracious and enthusiastic.

I am so glad I fired the other realtor, the one who said, "Impossible, blah blah blah blah..." So Glad I Fired Her. Listen up, never hesitate to advocate, especially for yourself and your family. Business isn't about nice. Business is about money. And money isn't about stuff. Money is about how hard we work. Its about my husband and my children and our time together. Its about shelter and safety. I can't believe I waisted 10 minutes with fear.

There are excellent lessons in all the life changes. I love that about life. It hurts occasionally. But growing is good. And the $1,500. I just made for my family, with that one question, that helps.


Maria said...

Good reminders. I tend to shrink and worry at the first "no" that crosses my path, forgetting to keep asking and keep searching for the "yes" because you are right, business is just that: business.

Will respond to your email when I have more than 2 seconds!

MOM #1 said...

Yah for you! That's what Moms are for, to advocate for the family.

You did it!