April 14, 2008

Hey, my stat counter is now reading 290. Wha? I don't know when it quit. But I feel CERTAIN it didn't roll over. The funniest part is that my car odometer is acting in a similar way. It keeps jumping between 0.0 /90,844 / 37. What message is the universe giving me here? Stop measuring? Stop counting? Come to think of it, last year I had a kitchen timer that would periodically read time forward. Instead of counting time down, it counted into the future.... How odd is that? I thought I was having a stroke for a minute,2,3,4, the first time it happened. I replaced it. And I don't really care about the blog stats. My odometer? Hum. I can't imagine paying to have it fixed. Think I'll just go with the metaphor:
Dear Katherine,
Counting is futile. You are where you are.
Love, God

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Maria said...

Or maybe you live near the Bermuda Triangle??