April 9, 2008

Its really good for me to be Not Blogging right now. I am focusing, as promised, on getting my house sold. I'm cleaning and painting and power washing. Two days ago I removed FIVE big black trash bags of stuff out of Henry's room. Two for the dump and three for the thrift shop, that kind of cleaning. HELLO?! We only moved in here two years ago. Where does all this trash and dirt come from? I swear I have no idea, maybe it creeps in while we are innocently sleeping?

And so I am not running my life and writing it as I go along in my head and this is good. It does free up some energy. But I miss it. And events are passing unmarked (see Lori's blog for much more on this, and much more beautifully.)

Last night, after American Idol, a Frontline special report came on about medicated children. Two and three and four year olds on Ritalin and anti-psychotics. "NOW I ASK YOU" I said to my husband sitting innocently and quietly next to me, "WHERE THE HELL ARE THE DOCTORS WHO PRESCRIBE THIS STUFF?! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?! IS THIS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SO BUSY FOR SO MANY GENERATIONS, WITH BABIES SENT OFF TO SCHOOL AT AGE OUGHT, SO THAT NO ONE HAS ANY FUCKING CLUE HOW TO RAISE A CHILD THESE DAYS?!!!!!!!! DOES NO ONE REMEMBER WHAT CHILDREN ARE ACTUALLY LIKE? WHY DON'T DOCTORS - DOCTORS OF ALL PEOPLE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DOCTORS DON'T GET IT? EVEN DOCTORS NO LONGER UNDERSTAND BABIES. THEY EXPECT BABIES TO SIT STILL IN (and here, I just don't have a font big enough) SCHOOL?/?!" Dear husband says, "talk to the blog, honey." And that made me laugh. Sweet guy that he is. He already gets it.

And I had the best idea for the best party. An American Idol party. We get a karaoke machine and everyone lets us know, in advance, what song they will be singing for their American Idol debut.... Well, it sounded good last night.

In any case, things are rolling along. I am working. I am planning a big celebration at The Big House. And I occasionally find myself blog-ranting at my husband. Must be a sign to come type a while, if just to let you all know we are are working alongside each other and making progress.


Maria said...

You know, no pressure or anything, but I miss your blog rants. "Talk to the blog.." that really and truly has to be made into a sticker or a little graphic thingy to put on a blog...can you do that...I mean, between moving and scraping out bags of detritus?

I just cleaned the school room yesterday. HUGE lawn type garbage bag. Where does it come from indeed? We've been here two and 1/2 years with much of our stuff still back in the Midwest? How much money would've I saved in NOT buying that "stuff"?? What will you do in a smaller house? How will that change things? Have I mentioned you're my current inspiration lately? Tuck that away when you're cleaning....someone out here finds you inpsiring! (Probably more than me...)

Mommylion said...


I think this is exactly it. It seems like some link was broken a couple generations back. The skills surrounding parenting and running a household became diminished until they hardly exist anymore. I know when I came home to be with the kids it was almost like I was learning a new language, trying to deal with kids and home was so foreign to me.

I am not even talking about championing SAHMhood or anything, just the fact that the skills that typically went along with that role went away as more woman went to work. Yet, people still need to know how to handle a baby and make a home a sanctuary, but it isn't happening and it is starting to show in horrible ways like medicating toddlers to sit still.

I could go on forever about this topic though and won't hijack your blog for it. Thank you for coming back to share your rant though... You always make me think!