March 17, 2011

There has been all kinds of knitting going on and I owe pictures.  I'm super inspired by this Scottish woman knitting and blogging at Needled.  I bought her pattern for The Owl Sweater and knit one for Riley for Christmas.  I'll get a picture of that.  Plus....the whole sock boondoggle is in full swing.  I have a spiritual problem with socks.  I can't knit them.  And I'm a fairly accomplished knitter. I can knit lace and sweaters and Barbaloot Suits.  But not socks.  I try and try.  I knit sock-like things.  I knit socks that don't fit.  I'm especially good at ONE sock well fitting/one sock not.   Sigh....  Its okay.  One must try hard to learn.  One must have perseverance and what Aunt Katherine called "stick-to-it-tivness."  Socks are giving me the opportunity to model sticktoittivness.   So, pictures.  I'll get right on that.  

And I'll find a picture of the triangle hat I knit for Riley when we lived in Texas.  Its a pattern from Aunt Katherine.  She knit these hats for us when we were little.  Kate Davies at Needled just knit one and seeing it delighted me.  I'm going to knit one for grownups, too. 

When I'm done with all of that knitting and posting, I'm going to make myself the apron off of Needled, as well.  Every self respecting milkmaid OBVIOUSLY needs one of those.

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