March 17, 2011

Scanner Maddness: I kind of went nuts with the scanner.  Because searching for the triangle hat picture, had me through old baby pictures.  And blogs weren't invented when the kids were babies.  So, I found the hat picture (but not one from the side, alas.)  And whole bunch of old pictures I'm going to post as well.  We'll begin with the triangle hat.  Its a triangle, tied under the chin.  Plus the first sweater I ever knit for Ry.
After triangles, I moved on to bonnets.  I like this pattern a lot.  But I would change the details.  Here it is again, next to Henry wearing his Pirate sweater.  The first sweater I ever knit.  And on of the most difficult.  I didn't know any better at the time, which turns out to be a decent way to learn - go for the hard stuff in innocence.  I like the anchor on his sleeve.
Now we get into some baby pictures!
Joe holding Henry.  He is such a beautiful man, eh?
I have no idea where she gets all this attitude!
The beginning of my love affair with farms.  My first chicks.
A hat Mom made for Ry for her first Halloween:  A Bunch Of Roses.  Thanks Mom!

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val said...

breathtaking, every one. loveyou, V