March 4, 2011

Ry asked what we would watch if we could only watch one thing for the rest of our lives.  I asked if she meant like a field of cows or like TV?  She meant like a field of cows.  Henry said, "Oz Fest."  I suggested either the cows in the field or the ocean.  Ry chose a river. 

They were bouldering in a river with their Dad last weekend.  He said, "All we need now is for a couple of geese to land."  Within minutes a pair of geese wheeled in about 30 feet above the river and landed in front of them.  They could hear feathers riffling the wind and see geese feet splay out before they hit the water.  The humans hopped up on the path and trotted around the river crook to see the geese swim.  Knowing they were there, the geese were still hard to find. 

Apparently, our lives are exactly defined by Ry's question.  My adult life has been devoted to watching: children grow, the road reel out in front of my car, and food assembling itself underneath my hands.  With a dash of my husband on stage and a recent emphasis on cows.  As a child most of my time not carefully worshipfully and longingly watching enormous industrial clocks in school or TV was spent staring at water and Pine trees.

If you could only watch one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?  It is not an esoteric question.


val said...

LOL watching babies grow. Yep, first thing that came to my mind. love, Val

Celia said...

my children.

thx for asking.

Heather said...

I'm on board with the water thing, but I'd rather look at a lake/pond. The stillness of the water, the slow gentle ripples from wind or fish or people. I love to stand just in the edge and watch teensy fish or frogs or waterbugs zipping around my feet. Could do that All Day Long (and pretty much have).