March 2, 2011

The kids are gone for the day.  And I couldn't figure out what to do with myself.   Forswearing housework as too obvious and lame, this is what I came up with: procured and rendered seven pounds of pork leaf, strained the whey from a quart of fresh full fat homemade raw milk yogurt, got the dog up to date on vacs, spent a decent amount of time arguing the merits of grass based farming (ala Joel Salatin) as compared to a vegan study on grain-to-meat calorie conversions, and happily noticed the first blooms on the First Breath of Spring.   After milking the cow this morning and dropping the kids off in the next county, naturally.  Now its almost time to go milk the cow and pick up the kids.  What will I do when the kids are gone off to school and life?  Perhaps a nursing degree?  Perhaps life with a BFF running a food van?  Its fun to imagine the next adventure queuing up.  Even happier, that we'll all be off together in our separate directions.  Sometimes life seems like an ass pain.  Sometimes it just seems lovely.  Tiger Lilies are sending up shoots.  Roses are sprouting teeny leaves.

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