August 16, 2010

Saturday lunch via The Pepper Festival at our local farmers market:  homemade French bread, brei, hot pepper jelly, and red wine.    For this reason, I am planning to can some hot pepper jelly this week.  The label says its made with apple cider, pectin, vinegar, and peppers.  We bought it at a dollar an ounce.  Right?  I'm on this.  

                                                           Also, bagels were made.


val said...

Oh, hot pepper jelly is so delicious. I found a jar from Harry and David in the back of the fridge last week. (It's gone now.)

I hope it turns out--plus those are some good looking bagels, and sweet bagel-makers. love, Val

candyn said...

Mmmmmm..... I love pepper jelly. I like it with cream cheese and smoked salmon on crackers. But fresh bagels would probably kick that up to heaven-food status.