May 26, 2010

This week we've gained a family member:  Welcome Sweet Baby Pea!

I've lost an old friend, who died way to young, leaving two sons.  Another friend had open heart surgery, which went very well.  Another friend initiated her divorce proceedings with the help of the local police.  My in-laws came for a week long visit.  And we have been super busy cooking, cleaning, gardening, farming, readying, loving, supporting, making art and generally trying to keep up with everyone we love. 

Whew, I better start blogging again.  When I take a break, apparently, all shaboodle breaks loose. 


Anonymous said...

So cute! (Both of them.) Congratulations.
Oh my...and all the other stuff - I'm thinking of you. Peace-Debbie

Anonymous said...

Sending love.


Cecelia (CC) said...

such is life...such are we.

way to be there for it.

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