March 8, 2010

Throw a hook and and reel me in. 

Last night we watched Bill Nye The Science Guy explore genetically modified food.  Under the rubric of children's television, he broke the whole thing down.  He started by looking on the bright side.  And I thought I was going to stroke out.  I almost had to leave the room, I got so upset.  Honestly, I had trouble controlling myself.  He interviewed Monsanto and plenty of experts in the field.  He told us all the upsides of genetically modifying food.  I cried, Propaganda!  I was cussing and spitting on the inside. 

Then he flipped it.  Ohhhhhh.  Right, note to self.   Be a good listener.  Make sure you fully hear all someone has to say before you start formulating responses, before you judge.  

Bill Nye The Science Guy has got it down.  And he's teaching the children.  And he gives a balanced view to let them make their own conclusions.   (And to help homeschooling mothers get a clue.)  Thank you public broadcasting.  Thank you Bill Nye. 


M Hastings said...

I love love looooove Bill Nye!

Ticodillo said...

Hi Katherine, I have to admit that i am a bit of a stranger to television so i don't really know who Bill Nye is. We get so busy we wouldn't have time even if we would have a tv, nevertheless reading about the big "M" got some juices flowing. I went through my rss feeds and dished out some interesting stuff about a current issue involving the big "M" and their mission to take over the world.The key here is that alfalfa is a perennial, therefore it keeps coming back, not a seasonal crop like corn, and of course the danger of cross pollination/infection of organic alfalfa making it very hard for dairy farmers to get non-gmo feed.
Iowa blog
same-ish thing
Very informative

Katherine said...

Hey, thanks for the links. "The Big M" sounds like we are talking about Voldemort. Which, frankly, is not too far off the mark.