March 6, 2010

Pulling Taffy.  Which may be taking this whole Handmade Homeschool thing too far.  But the recipe was super easy:  3 cups sugar and 3/4 cup vinegar boiled to the hard ball stage, cooled in a buttered dish, and pulled.  We didn't boil ours quite long enough.  So, while the flavor was shockingly delicate and delicious, we never got the texture right.   Perhaps we need a field drip down east to study on this a bit more?
Riley tore down her lean-to.  Now she's working on a spring wikiup.   She wants to kill and skin her own animal.   Its not the skin or the animal she is after, per se.  She wants the skills.  And she wants to know how to make a bone needle.  And a stone knife.  Tom Brown's Outdoor School, anyone?
She also took a portrait of Bramble which I love:
Henry is growing taller and reading this spring.  Judging by the rate he's doing both, this is quite enough.


Katherine said...

Here's a good demonstration of what pulling taffy should have looked like. Definitely, we didn't cook it long enough.

Katherine said...

Dear Anonymous, get a name if you want to leave a comment. House rules.
Cheers, Our Report Card

Anonymous said...

How cool!

I've been enjoying David Rakoff's audiobook which includes his experience at Tom Brown's camp. Your daughter's quotes on your main page are just beyond beautiful.


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