January 5, 2010

The bird I hold could fly
ever so high
and land on a soft fluffy cloud
and the cloud could float
gentler than any a boat
through the night time sky.

Out of the dark there came a bat
to land on the moon herself.
She has plenty of time
so she lets him recline
to a midnight nap.

I, the cat, open my eyes
laying next to the cow
who has yet to be milked.
Patter patter, here comes the maid
to do her nightly raid.
She does the milking
and gives me a taste
and goes back up to the house
at such a pace.

I start to purr and I curl
up again
as the first rays of the sun
break the hill.

~Riley 1-4-2010


Hillary Mac said...

Damn. I'm downright impressed.

Katherine said...

Thanks on her behalf, Auntie! She wrote it in her head and I transcribed it for her, as usual. We were nearly through and I said, "All this is in your head?"

Ask Joe, I can't keep the name "Exploding Dog" in my head without asking for it to be resaid three times.

Anonymous said...

This is elegant and sweet. She's something else. love, V

Cecelia (CC) said...

delicious...Riley, I have come back to reread your poem twice more. Thank you. Curled up with you, Cecelia