November 24, 2009

A rainy day in your lean-to, napping under the herbs you've put by and snuggled in a warm nest of leaves.


Anonymous said...

You found a beautiful woodland fairy! Gorgeous photo...I'm feeling it in black and white in a frame...awesome!


MOM #1 said...

So sweet. Looks cozy.

Katherine said...

Thanks y'all. Maria, I couldn't get a clear shot that day. I was crouching in the misty rain. It was so lovely. She is SO INTO that lean-to. Last night she sat up there in the dark making pinch pots out of clay she dug, to use in her new home. Today, Henry is up there with her and they are working away. We are going to research how to wood fire their pots the old-school way. How old school? I dunno. Maybe like Native Americans did it here on this same hill 2000 years ago. Hey, that's pretty Thanksgivingish and pretty homeschoolish.