November 25, 2009

After barn chores this morning we went out for breakfast and then on to grocery shopping - we can do both in our little home slice grocery co-op.   I chose a ham and cheese biscuit because I'm smart like that.  The kids chose a delicious tub of full fat vanilla yogurt to share.  After eating a while Henry asked Riley, "Is this tub half full or half empty?"  Riley paused and then answered with a shrug, "It's the same either way."

Which, okay, is so totally obvious.  But I've never heard anyone give that answer before.  That answer warms the cockles of my Buddhist soul.  It suggests a person who sees life clearly, accepts reality, and is willing to enjoy what is.  Henry and I just looked at each other across the table and smiled.  

In case no one has noticed, I love these people.

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MOM #1 said...

I've noticed. ;-)

That certainly was a great response.