November 30, 2009

The last time we had a decent snow around here Riley was this age.   And Henry was this big.

Maybe we can get some real snow this year?


val said...

Oh my gosh, look at those darling babies. What a smile! Do you really not get snow, eh? That's amazing, it's so warm at your house. love, Val

Hillary Mac said...

omg that just made my heart hurt a little bit! they were so TINY! p.s. we find out what we're having in a week from tomorrow!!! xoxo

MOM #1 said...

How sweet. Well Baby Boy is almost 17 and has NEVER seen a decent snow. It just doesn't happen this far south, I guess. Maybe when y'all get that snow, we'll come visit and share it with you. :)

Cecelia (CC) said...

I remember that snow...we were just talking about it!.. and about the one that was so slight our biggest snowman was only 8 inches tall...boy did our cousins in Wisconsin get a hoot out of that photo!

let it snow!
(makes for chilly fingers when milking but somehow it's better)

BTW: do you have arnica cream for sore fingers in winter? I developed carpal tunnel when working at Celebrity Dairy. I know it ain't the same as 25 goats, but one fine sized Guernsey or Jersey udder is a real piece of work.

Sarah said...

That is the absolute cutest picture to grace your blog!