November 9, 2009

Cows have moved from hobby to career.  Next topic please.  Something fun that doesn't require too much hand strength.  Photography bores me too much to justify the price.  I like to dabble there but after awhile zzzzzzzzzz.   Someone once informed me that I was a baker.   As if that's all I should be allowed to do.  I was all, like, HUH?!  I am so much more than a baker. 

What is next?  Its fun to contemplate.  New horizons.....  And life, something lovely please?  Something gratifying and rich.  Maybe time to return to meditation?   The kids were busy in the library today.  I am so tired and so full I couldn't take in another distraction.  No more books to read.  No more movies.  No more new things.  No more diversions.  I just sat there in a chair meditating while they browsed, a skill the midwives in California gave me. 

Riley is interested in Braille.  She wants to understand what life is like for the blind.  She wonders if maybe learning Braille will help her mind learn what the senses of a blind person perceive.  That's a pretty cool idea.   When I lived in Los Aptos I used to walk on the beach blind every day.  It was a form of meditation that I made up.  Sometimes, not too often but sometimes, I would forget I was walking.   Its hard to understand how that could be a good thing.  But it was.  It felt like floating. 


val said...

Well, a baker with her own cow... the possibilities are endless.

Plus clam chowder is delicious.

If I came to you I would gain 20 pounds cooking with milk and cream.

love, Val

Joe said...

I can relate to the beach walking floating feeling. When I used to run, I sometimes slipped into that same kind of state.

Sarah said...

I found a book in our library a few months ago - I think it was called 'The Black Book of Colors'. Fascinating book - it had Braille writing in it. I wonder if your daughter would like it.