October 24, 2009

Last night we went out in the big city.  Oh, it was so fun.   But I felt like a country mouse.   (And, I realized, I look nearly Amish these days.  Not to imply there is anything wrong with that.)  We walked and window shopped and ate wonderful food.  We saw things astonishing.  Such as neon and moving marquees and people out at night!  Right out on the street in the night.  Who can say what wonders next? 

The kids got frustrated by my window stopping.   So at one point Ry threw up her hands behind me and said, "Hup!"  Just the way I do with the wild cows.   The tame cows I lead.  But the wild cows are pushed with a wave and a Hup.  

I was standing and staring into the magical window when I became aware of a tiny blond force moving at my flank.  She was curious, moving larger and smaller and larger, making a staccato noise a bit too loud.  I had the impulse to move on.  

Is that what the cows see?  Is that what the cows feel?  And, am I becoming a cow?   (Sibling comments will not be published.)


val said...

LOL!! Moo, honey. You're so sweet. love, Val

Ami said...

I love the things you write. The empathy you have.

I don't think you're becoming a cow.

Celia said...

Ooo you are so brave...we looked out the car window at all the people and lights after we left the restaurant and said, "Let's go home"...to the cows next door and the constellations above.

Anonymous said...

Time to read some Temple Grandin?


Annie said...

Hee hee hee.... Love your posts always. We've always used "hup" for the dogs, to get them moving or get them up somewhere.