October 26, 2009

If they are studying how to learn, I am studying love.  Everything we do, we study love.   One way or another, don't we?  We might as well recognize what's going on up in here. What I love more and more is what anyone might do, but does so sincerely.   Anyway, how sweet is this?  


Anonymous said...

It's lovely, what a lovely Maria. I have one of my own and I love this song. --V

Anonymous said...

/blast you for making me cry, K!! She looks like a beautiful woman with a ready smile. I would scowl and all those videos taken of me...but she is beautiful. Women are beautiful. All of them.


Katherine said...

Maria, I just watched it again. It made me cry AGAIN. It tells such a beautiful story. And obviously, he loves her so much. Just Lovely.