September 7, 2009

Mrs. Pearson stopped walking and took him by the shoulders. "Oliver, success is usually a feeling of mere relief, where failure is pain.  Happiness, you see, lies in neither, but in sticking to a daily ritual and becoming absorbed in something useful." 
~The King In The Window by Adam Gopnik

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Anonymous said...

You've got some great posts here since I've been "away"! Love some of these quotes...beautiful. I love that Riley is learning so directly about the money system. I wish, at times, Ms. D had more of an interest. She just rec'd a large gift of money from my parents and she just donated it all. I was impressed, but a bit bummed as I forsaw us going to the bank and making a "learning experience" out of the whole thing. Can you believe me? Bummed because my daughter donated her money to a charity?? WHA??? Parents: we always want more. Or the other option...let me go re-read some of your quotes and get my thinking cap on straight!
Kudos to your ever lovin' family!