August 29, 2009

We are tired people.  We've been stripping wall paper, building a rock wall, harvesting gourds, and hosting friends.  Tonight, we all sleep well, I hope.

Val reminded me about buying stocks with kids.  I used to have a book that teaches grownups how to explain the stock market to children.  Its called, Wow The Dow, by Pat Smith.  I remember that it makes a complicated topic manageable.   But I think I'll get, Growing Money, by Gail Karlitz for Ry to study now.  

These nights Henry and I are reading, The King In The Window, by Adam Gopnik.  I especially enjoy Mrs. Pearson:
    "Oliver," she said, "I keep meaning to ask you.  What is a 'special research project'?"
     Oliver suspected that she knew perfectly well, but he said only, "Oh.  It just means--studying outside of school."
     "You mean reading?  And talking?  And thinking?"
     "Well, yes."
     "Such a fancy term for such simple things.  And doing it on your own?  For its own sake?"  she asked tartly.
     "Yes.  Well, you do get a grade in the end."
     "Ah.  It seems then that my life has been a special research project.  I wonder what grade I shall get in the end?"
     Oliver suspected that she was being ironic, but she turned away and was gone before he could be sure.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm laughing. What a great bit of dialogue. love, V