August 14, 2009

No Camera Verbal Snap Shots

Ry made a wreath today - harvested the twigs, figured out how to secure them in a circle (try this - it is not easy), decorated it with Black Eyed Susans from the yard, and hung it on our front door. She spent the afternoon writing a short story. So far, its two full pages of small laborious legible writing. She says the hardest part is looking at the blank page, before there are any words. I know the feeling. These things she's done on her own with no prompting from me.

Henry has been reading all day. Over time, he's read all the books for his age in the Hillsborough Public Library. He's read all the books in the Mebane Public Library. Yesterday we went to the Chapel Hill Public Library. He checked out 8 fat books. That should hold him for a week or two. This afternoon he resumed work on his novel "The Killer Possum." It is three typed pages, so far. These things he does to please himself.

I made pancakes for breakfast and nachos with salad for lunch. I cut my own hair. I cleaned two bathrooms and vacuumed upstairs. I took the kids to Walmart and we stopped by the farm to pick up milk and eggs for the week. A million (or so) ducks blocked the road. We said, "Run Little Ducks Run For Your Lives!" And we laughed with joy as they waddled by.

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