August 15, 2009

I know what I've said about not writing about the children any more. But, it turns out, I need to see this all written. It calms me down. It helps me remember what it is we do. One might think its easy to remember. But it only seems easy. If I don't put it here, it all gets washed away in the nearest tide of anxiety or doubt or even just busy business. We do things. The kids learn and grow. Here, I'll put them best I can.

Henry shows his sister enormous consideration and patience everyday. This past day of her frenzied writing, he spelled word after word for her. (She knows better than to ask me. My spelling is terrible.) And that is the core of the most important and most invisible seeming thing that happens here. The children are, mostly, just very good and kind to each other. They help each other. They rarely fight. They play and laugh. They write out loud, for hours at a time, with each other. They don't know its writing. But it is writing and collaboration nearly without end. The ideas flow here, like ducks across a road.

The kids are very very good to each other. It is the most gratifying kind of pleasure to see. They are nice people.


MOM #1 said...

Of course, sweet, kind and considerate children reflect on a beautiful childhood and a rockin' Mama. ;-)

Keep writing about them, I love reading about it.

Ami said...

My children are very good to one another, too. At 22 and 16, they're good friends and each other's strongest advocates.

I can't point to homeschooling as the only factor that's caused this camaraderie, but I know it's a definite part of it.

I'm also glad you write about your kids.

Melanie said...

Chiming in to thank you for writing about your children. These observations into your collective life affirm my beliefs about involved parenting and homeschooling. Thanks for continuing to share.


Konanc said...

Your observations on your kids (children not goats) should help alleviate your parenting doubts. However, I'm certain Henry would say I have patients and you have patience.

Katherine said...

K-man, :) I'll go change that right now.

And all y'all, thanks.