May 20, 2009

Still don't have my computer. No time for a real blog post. But must say this. I love Suze Orman. Not only does she validate my quirky spiritual philosophy of: "the more you spend the more you get." (Though, she would never say it that way.) Not only does she value truth over wealth. She walks the talk. Look what else. Oh, let me just bold it for you. Oh, Suze. Oh my. Oh oh oh.

She has been reluctant to work on school curricula on personal finance, because she says students can’t learn empowerment from people who aren’t empowered, and teachers, she says, are too underpaid ever to have any real self-worth. She told me: “When you are somebody scared to death of your own life, how can you teach kids to be powerful? It’s not something in a book — it ain’t going to happen that way.” She once delivered pretty much the same message at an anniversary celebration of a private school — she seems to recall calling the school a “travesty” — and was all but escorted to the door when she was done.


Katherine said...

"The story also appears in the introduction to her third book, “The Courage to Be Rich,” which is effectively a parable about how those who respect money — who are generous but not careless with it — are rewarded with more of it. Orman writes and talks about money as if it were the fruit not just of industry, but also of honesty and charity; as if some almighty bestower of wealth kept tabs on who was naughty and who was nice."

MOM #1 said...

Isn't that something. I've seen her several times on the Oprah Show (yes, I watch it) but never read any of her books. I think I'll have to make a visit to my local library and see what this lady's all about.