March 4, 2009

Well gosh, there have been so many babies in so many different directions, I'm getting everything confused. Every morning, for several days, we have been tending baby goats. Some have died, some are thriving, some have been moved to the farm house kitchen for warmth. My kids have seen birth, up close. They've inspected placentas. They've genuinely rescued a couple of babies from desperate cold or abandonment. They've gotten to hold and pat. They are watching the babies who are older - the two and three weekers, bouncing every which way. None of us had any idea just how cute baby goats are. But I believe this last round of babies has put every Williams family member firmly in Goat Camp with Henry. Should we be fortunate enough to own a small farm one day, we will be raising a few goats for sure. Dairy goats, that is. Because today we even got to help milk!

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