February 13, 2009

There were many special moments today. We saw newborn baby rabbits. My cow licked my neck. I spent the day with my family at Old Salem and it was perfect, perfect weather, perfect company, perfect venue. I took a bite of fresh Moravian Sugar Cake that brought tears to my eyes because it transported me, instantly, to my Grandmother's kitchen and Christmases long past. I saw a cherry in bloom, heralding spring. I helped my daughter cut out paper dolls. I beheld art work, a field of happy children, and a lovely sunset. My dear husband gave me a new cd - a compilation of songs just for me. The day was good, yes? When the last song started up, Henry had just sat down across from me. Bonnie Raitt sang out,

"Your sweet and shiny eyes are like the stars above Laredo,
Like meat and potatoes to me."

And Henry and I matched eyes and started singing together. And I felt all my love rise up in my chest, nearly locking out my voice. And tears got in my way for a moment. I thought, all in one instant, of Louanne Robinson, Texas, my musical men, time passing, and OH, how I love those sweet and shiny eyes. Singing with Henry was my favorite moment of today.


Annie said...

How do you post a comment that just lets you know how good I feel reading your post? I am so grateful for your blog, Katherine!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Katherine, what I love about you is that you soak up the thankful moments and revel in them! A good lesson for ALL of us!

carver family said...

ah yes,
they get squeezed in your throat,
locked down on,
to keep from exploding -
since the enormity of it could blast your vocal chords out permanently.

like a high string on the fiddle
and only the tightness lets it sing;
thank goodness our bodies can
meter it out in ways we can swallow
and savor.

your words,
so tightly strung together,
are delicious again,
and again.
thank you


Katherine said...

Thanks, y'all. CC... all love.