February 12, 2009

Joe has said that these lyrics capture, in part, how he felt when he held our dear sweet Ry for the very first time. And today, I am sitting and knitting for a special little baby that was born this week. She is four whole pounds of love. And no one quite understands how she got here. But standing under a darkening sky, hearing about this baby, and watching the light emanating from her proud Grandfather, I thought of this song. And I went home and dug out my softest yarn and my favorite needles. And I am listening, knitting, and tearing up thinking of these words and the way that All Good Daddies Do Love.


Then she appeared, apple Venus on a half-open shell.
Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbot's gel.
I was a little frightened
Flying with my senses heightened.
Cherubim cheered,
Then she appeared.

Then she appeared, as the giggling crew of Marie Celeste.
Then she appeared, pale Atlantis rising out of the west.
I was a little dazzled.
Katherine wheeled and senses frazzled.
Know it sounds weird,
Then she appeared.

And the sun, which formerly shone
In the clearest summer sky,
Suddenly just changed address -
Now shines from her blue eyes.

Then she appeared, brittle shooting star that dropped in my lap.
Then she appeared dressed in tricolour and phrygian cap.
I was a little troubled.
Hookah with my senses bubbled.
Old Edward leered,
Then she appeared.

And the moon, which formerly shone
On the marble midnight mile,
Suddenly just packed its bags -
Now it shines from her bright smile.

Then she appeared out of nowhere.


Karin Diann Williams said...

These are amazing lyrics! Where can I hear the song?

Katherine said...

Oh Karin, they are amazing lyrics. I didn't mean to imply that Joe wrote them. This is an xtc song. There isn't a great youtube but you can hear it here:

Anonymous said...