August 20, 2008

I've never cared about labels for these essays. But recently I've been covetous of other blog formats with slick buttons for different topics. I could have a button for unschooling. One for cows. One for Mommy's infantile and ego-ill need for attention. And one, with thanks to Supernatural, called Pictures Of My Soup. This post is filed under Pictures of My Soup, for sure.

I came home this weekend and found Ry rolling fresh homemade spinach pasta with her Dad. Her Dad, the man of my dreams. Because, did you hear me? I said, Fresh Homemade Spinach Pasta, I came home (as in, I was OUT and then came back) and they were making it! All I was required to do was make the decision: butter or sauce (homemade of course,) then sit and eat. He said, "look, it looks like a mermaid's kitchen!" I love that man. I need a button for true love as well. I guess we could file this one either way.


Annie said...

Oh how lovely. Funny thing that my husband is the only one to have taken on the task here so far. He makes gnocchi that's to die for. I don't *love* pasta but fresh and homemade is so wonderful.

How lucky you are!

MOM #1 said...

Wow! He certainly sounds like a keeper.

I hope you gave him a little something special tonight during "Business Hours." ;-)

Mommylion said...

How sweet! That definitely makes you want to return home from your travels :)

Maria said...

It's because he's a LIBRARY dude. Library Dudes are SO cool.

I wonder if the story your kids tell one day will start with "There once was a man who infiliterated a mermaid kitchen...this is his story.."