August 21, 2008

A brief list of games the children have invented. The list is not exhaustive but may exhaust you. Characters follow titles.

Chicken is Bagel Hair (Chicken is Good) (Chicken is Beauty Hair) (Chicken is Beagle Hair): Beauty, Gray Tail, Clover, Snowflake, Misty, Felicity, Pete Paintbrush, Moonlight, Moondrop, Lavender, Jasmine, Sally, Easter, Bob, Kitty, Minions, Sam the Stupid Horse
P in the Worm Hole: Puppy, Weird Owner, The Plush Puppy Lady, Rob, The Chihuahua, Entire Army, Wolfie, Meowsie
Puppyfette: Owner, Worm Hole
The Ash Game: Ash, Fairy, Ashley, Fashion Force, a Pikachu named Rosie
The Barracuda Game: Owner, Three Evil Step Sisters, The Girl's Mother
Skate Spy: Little Billy, Jake, Skate Spy, Marco (The Duh Kid,) The Giant Tootsie Roll, Little Billy's Gang
Elvian: Strongbow, Pine Sparrow (his ex girl friend,) Mistfeather, The Puffballs, The Bumblets, Chiron The Second, Pixie Crusher (the weirdo,) Pan, Pixie Crusher's Entire Army
Puff: Puffballs, Moonlight, Strongbow
Battle Axe: Snowflake, Clover, Misty, Girl of the Mountains, George, The Pirates
The Beauty Game: The Mad Scientist, The Colts, Grey Tale, a beautiful unicorn named Felicity
Back When Horses Could Fly: Big Headed Colts (singing “I wanna be a colty star!”) Beauty, Colts
Honey: Luke and his team, Honey
Death is on Our Heels: Death, Minions, Luke Lego Figure, A Beautiful Smart Young Leader and Her Team, that knight guy – Sir Ktadugugdaan, Side Kick, Sam the Stupid Horse
Bobo: Bobo The Underwear Dog, His Owner
Crazy Baby: Crazy Baby's Dad, Dorky Baby, Crazy Baby, Crazy Baby's Army, Dorky Baby's Army
That Horsey Game: One Bucking Horse, Small Two Year Old Girl, Same Older Ten Year Old Girl, Fat Guy, Paint Pony named Miss Pretty (Rainbow)
Come Over: Bad Kids
The Secret Life of a Life Guard: Life Guard, Mermaid Hunter
The Mermaid Game (version one): The Baby (played by Henry,) The Mermaid - who takes care of the Baby finding him stranded in a basket on the ocean, Merdad
The Mermaid Game (version two): The Baby (played by Riley,) The mermaid who takes care of the baby finding her stranded in a basket on the ocean
KK or Karate Kittens: Razer, Night Spot, Charmer, Thrower, Nightspot and Charmer's child, Cooper who died of asthma, Meowsie, Mowsie, Razer's wife, Razer's teddy bear, Razer's son, Lisha, Midnight, The Cat Shape, Takeshi, The Living Oak Tree, The Teacher “Pad Pad Kick”
Elves Inc: Two Elves
Colties Inc:
Pound Cake: Mr. Flufferbunkins the Chihuahua, Caroline, Mistress The Grumpy Lady Who Owns the Pound Cake Store, Eric The Boy Who Works There, Jordan -Caroline's Baby, Eric's Dad, Eric's Mom A Woman Famous Through Out The House For Her Good Pizzas (I thought she ordered. She ordered some. That doesn't mean she can't make up others.) The Old People
The Great Bedidi: Small Toddler, The Plumber, Jingle Bell the Great Bedidi's snow white horse, Great Bedidi the Viking
Rescue Princess: Prince, Princess, Cold Water
The Piranha and Fishy Game: Piranha, Fisherman, Mermaid, Johnathon who works for a computer company
Fish Stick: Mystic, Freedom -Mystic come back as a ghost in the shape of her mother, Tommy the little boy down the street who calls Mystic “Fish Stick”, Caroline the Owner
Frap Ray: any car behind us
The R H F T K K: Riley, Henry, Facha, Talto, Kit, Kaya
Closet: The Retired Army Dude, The Girl Who Killed The President, The People Trying To Get the Girl Who Killed The President, The Super Baby, The Yoyo


MOM #1 said...

They certainly seem to have great imaginations. Karate Kittens and Crazy Baby sound like something I'd have to see to believe, LOL.

Maria said...

I've heard that unschooled kids don't learn anything...

Rose said...

I ROTFLOL trying to figure out the rules for the Great Bedidi.

I have lists like those in every folder on my computer. They make them in haste, print them, save the file any old place, and then run off to play the game.

Annie said...

Um. That's quite a list.


I mentioned you on my blog if you want to take a quick peek. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Come Over: Bad Kids...just priceless!!