February 24, 2008

Two Pounds of Leicester Longwool

dirtywet in a colander
drying on the kitchen floor
In a basket for all to admire! The wool is white. The yellow you see is old lanolin that didn't wash out. Not surprising since a: I have no real idea how to wash raw wool properly, b: this wool is from last year and should have been cleaned a long time ago, and c: I didn't want to strip it completely. But for the learning purposes of "Sheep to Shawl" its fine. Also, for sitting on my table and simply being a basket full of excellent sheepy love, its perfect.


Mommylion said...

Wow, how cool. I wouldn't even know what to do with a basket full of wool. Are you going to keep updating here with the process to the shawl?

Maria said...

That makes me feel good just to look at this wool. I hope you are going to share this process with us.

BTW, I LOVE the horses post below. Very cool.

Katherine said...

I will keep updating about the wool progress. The project, run by a local homeschooling mom for free, is just to give kids in the community a glimpse of the sheep/wool phenomenon. But for me, who purchased 4 pounds where she recommended only 1/2, I have more ideas. What are they? Unknown. I'll spin some. I'll card some. I'll felt some. In the meantime, the kids are all in it and that is the real goal, enticement. Last night I dug up my carders and my drop spindle and there I found a huge bag of wool left over from Texas. Now that's sitting around too. Husband says, "you are starting to seem like some kind of freaky wool fairy." He was not unconcerned.

I have fiber issues...