June 1, 2011

After two days of 102, I'm willing to admit its really hot.  We made it to June anyway, which is a personal goal of mine.  And then I broke down and turned on the a/c.  Its oddly quiet inside the house now.  We can't hear the cicadas.  (This was their 13th yearly return and Henry has been collecting tubs of shucked cicada skins, ewwwww.)  And tonight we won't hear the owls.  But the dogs are praising all that's holy for this odd magical cool air.

Last night we visited a neighboring corn field at dusk to see the fireflies.  There must have been thousands of them blinking over the deep green field.  It was so beautiful, nature's real magic.

In early May we went to Topsail and stayed at the Sea Vista to celebrate our dear May babies.  We hadn't been in a couple of years and, oh my, it was lovely to be by the ocean again.  Standing on the pier one evening we saw an osprey fly in.  I've never seen that at the beach before.  Dolphins rolled past us in the breakers.  We found shells, swam, napped, ate really good food - root beer floats for Ry, with coconut cake as well!

In mid May Grandpa Tom came for a visit.  He could not have been nicer.  It was so good to see him and Tyrone.  They are traveling biannually between Phippsburg Maine and Tom's new condo in Florida.  So hopefully we'll get to see lots more of those two.

Tyrone is much braver about de-ticking than Jackson!
Of course, we took the crew for ice cream at Maple View Farms. 

Even though its only the first of June I found two baby zucchinis in the garden this morning.  The tomatoes are thigh high (now that they are staked) and our beans are climbing as fast as they can.  Its good for my soul, gardening and harvesting food.  We've eaten 100% more chard this spring than we would have otherwise, just because its growing in the back yard.   I planted the tomatoes early in between a row of kale and a row of chard.  That has worked fabulously.   As the tomatoes come up, the greens get cut back, and the extra greens are becoming mulch for the tomatoes.  It has worked out as a good use of space and companion planting.   Peppers for our dear Henry look good too.

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