March 15, 2011

Riley is pushing for more formalized study.  I'm trying to get on the formal train.  But I'm rusty after so many years.  Still, I am a responsible adult.  (I'm working on it, Honey.)  On her own time, she is reading her way through the American Girl Series for an overview of American history.  She plans to start writing book reports on these for language arts.  Tomorrow we are going back to Barnes Ig Noble for math curricula.  And she's decided Rosetta Stone Italian will suffice for a second language.  She is driving all these plans for herself. 

Henry started little league baseball last night.  Oh!  How wonderful is that?  He is the only player who has never played before.  The coaches were fantastic with him.  They took tons of extra time to help him build up his skills.  He is in a truly competitive situation for the first time in his life and it looks like its going to be really really really FUN.  So that's quite happy.  His week goes like this:  guitar, baseball, ice skating, baseball, homeschool group, rest on Friday.  When will he have time for all the reading he loves?

I can't go to evening practices because I'm working with the cows.  Riley took a few pictures for me.
The first practice on a chilly evening.  What promises spring more than that?

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