February 15, 2011

You won't catch these two being still.  Happy spring is springing no matter the calendar.
You never know what is about to happen when you walk into the barn.  Yesterday evening, as the sun was setting on a gorgeous spring day and I was headed into the milking parlor for my chores, the children were planning to loiter, woo horses, play with cats, and hold down some round bales with their backsides.  Instead, a wet bloody lamb was thrust into Riley's arms and she was told to start drying.  They helped sort out a lamb who wasn't so lucky.  They bottle fed baby goats, milked Mama, watched as I helped round up, separate, and send out a herd of sheep with all (it looked like maybe a thousand or so) their new babies.

It was like setting enormous popcorn free on the pasture.  They weren't turned out so much as exploded out.  The new calf, Blackberry, thought for a moment it might be end times.  Then she thought it might be alien invaders.  Then she ran for about a million hours and miles in ten seconds, reminding me of the way Riley used to run so fast on the beach she turned into a real pony and you could see her real tail, for real.  Then Blackberry spent the rest of daylight trying to figure out what they were eating, why, and what would happen if she were to just...try...this?!  Or this?!  Or even this?!   You can scatter the popcorn sheep some, the little ones more.  And every day is new.  And we all laughed.


Celia said...

sounds like Spring! I am sad for the little lamb. I care too much to farm.

Katherine said...

And Jesus said, "What she could, she did." Love you!