January 5, 2011

The Story has become an important part of our unschool.  We are often in the car when it comes on and have decided to start listening when we are home, as well.  The Story is enriching our lives.

From their website:
"Our goal is to find people whose lives are intersecting with significant issues in the news and give them the opportunity to tell their story. 

At a time when "celebrity rules" and the only "ordinary" people we see are faces in the crowd, The Story reminds listeners that their stories and their lives matter. We believe that by creating a space for first person stories we are choosing not to accept a pollster's version of our thoughts and attitudes. 

We've learned that hearing directly from people about their experiences can transform our understanding of what's happening in the world."

Divinity Doc fascinated us yesterday.  Last Monday Time For A Change surprised us with a story about an academic who returned to farm life and, Paleo, an interesting young musician.  

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