January 14, 2011

Henry and I are reading "The Phantom Tollbooth".  Its the first time for both of us and we love it.  I'm considering changing my name to "Faintly Macabre".  A couple of nights ago we sat reading in his top bunk with flashlights.  When we were done, we used the flashlights to brighten the stars on his ceiling.  "Kind of like the opening scene of 'Dandelion Wine,' Mom." 

This morning the children discovered two newborn lambs in the barn.  They watched the ewe deliver her placenta and the babies nurse. 

Little Red had somehow been left out of Baby's stall last night.  I had been planning to switch their schedule, turn them out together during the day, and separate them at night.  I would not have chosen a 16 degree night to make the switch but it was done and all were fine.  So the baby spent her first day (she's two weeks old) out on the pasture kicking up her heels.  She came up to the barn with her Mom this evening and it was easy to get her in her stall.  In the morning I'll tie her next to Little Red in the milking parlor while I milk first.  I'm hoping this will help still Mom's feet.  Baby is accepting her halter, my presence, and the rope pretty well.  Sometimes I even get kisses.

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