December 29, 2010

Did y'all see this:
And this:
Our world is getting really weird.  It might be a good idea to pay some attention to this stuff.


candyn said...

WHAT?! This is awful on so many levels. As a mom of a kid with a severe food allergy, the thought than anything can escape being labeled is horrifying to me.

Katherine said...

I know, right?! Folks think the FDA is running along hunky dory. But freaking stuff is going down. And it seems wrong to me. I think Monsanto is running our country, in so many disturbing ways. And I can't figure out why its not more disturbing to policy makers - who are parents and grandparents themselves. I'm actually having this crisis of faith in humans. I mean, on a new level. Wow, who can't see this is wrong?

Cecelia (CC) said...

thank you...USDA certified has served as a support plan when local is too costly. I have compromised there, knowing it costs our local farmers and our country. now i have another reason. as for sweeteners and non-stick pans, along with margarine and microwaves, I thank my Mom for never allowing Kitchen "innovations" into her home. She raised us on raw milk, whole cream, home grown what and oats, with cast iron and well water. Any piece of land someone considers with her as a place to live, her first question is always, "is there a spring on the property". She has this way of knowing the core. Rodale and Adele Davis were household terms in my childhood. She came from private boarding school, I do know how she came to this way, yet year after year she shows up right, again. Your post made me appreciate her. I have to do more. Time to get vocal, eh?