November 21, 2010

Friday, Henry decided he wanted a job.  So he spent a couple of hours making a poster advertising leaf raking and trash can scrubbing.  He was planning to charge $5 a yard for raking and I can't remember what for cleaning out cans.  I bumped his leaf price up to $25 a yard and told him I'd scan and print his poster later.

Saturday morning I told him to rake our yard, before I printed the poster, to be sure he really wanted the job.   This kid has never had paying job.  And leaf raking seems like it might be five dollar easy at first.  I figured I'd teach him a lesson at home before setting him loose in the big leafy world.   I wanted to be certain he knew what he was getting into.  Affably he said, "Okay Mom" as he nearly always does.  After breakfast he went outside in my boots with a rake.  He worked from 9:00 that morning till 2:00 that afternoon, with a break for lunch.  And he did a great job on the leaves.  I guess he taught me a lesson.  His father paid him $25 and I offered to go print his poster.  He said, "No thanks."

Turns out, his goal was to make $25 for a Yugioh Red Nova Dragon tin.  He bought it that afternoon.  I'm really proud of him.  This kid is a hard worker with a super nice attitude.  And he's cute too.

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Sarah said...

He is cute! So is that cute dog butt and the dog's eyes peeking from behind your daughter. :)