October 17, 2010

What are the values of institutional school to which my children are supposed to be socialized?   What is my indigenous culture?   And if we achieve human monoculture through industrial elementary education (which appears to be happening), who will we be as a people on this planet?  

Western industrial education is creating the new indigenous culture.   Is everyone perfectly clear on that?  And is everyone okay with that?  Because I find the idea horrifying.  Beyond theory, we know about the results. We know our culture is manifesting an increase in bullying, suicide, depression, and compartmentalization.  

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm not okay with it. It's devestating, not just to our future as a race, but to the souls of these very children...today.

We are unschooling...but what can we do on a greater scale (other than attempt to open the minds of others by sharing the videos and data with anyone and everyone)to make a difference? What are YOUR ideas? Because I know you have some. :)
xoxo -Debbie