October 2, 2010

Today we hiked Occoneechee Mountain and learned about the Brown Elfin Butterfly, a throwback from the last ice age.  Someone should fill that basket with greens for supper from my seed blown fall garden.


Heather said...

Cannot believe your "fall garden" -- everything in my garden has turned brown, as well as most of the grass. The chickens are furious about it. Tonight we're expecting a frost. Blah. I miss NC.

Cecelia (CC) said...

I wondered how that experiment turned out...wow!! I just ate and am hungry again for really good fresh greens!

Katherine said...

This awesome rain hasn't been so awesome for the greens. They got beat down a bit and the aphids--oy, Aphids what up? When they perk back up you should come fill a basket for your family, CC.

Heather, you too, I wish.